Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Madness?

March Madness? Yes, it is, and I am not talking about sports! The squeeze is on to finish up the taxes, especially since we can now get an economic stimulus check from the gov of at least $600 just for filing the tax forms! Then there was the Easter shopping season! My shopping list mainly consisted of Chocolate! Then, it is almost the end of the first quarter of this year- already! That is really a wake up call... Keep Praying!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies!

Snow, Snow, Snow! That is Springtime in the Rockies! Someday, we will really get the Green growing, but for now, it is all White! Perfect for easter egg hunting, as long as the eggs are colored, that is. Such a short time until Easter now, just a few hours. Time to reflect on the meaning- from Good Friday through Easter Sunday- 3 very Sacred & Holy days, and The Man who was dead for 3 days and what that means to us...
You will hear the sermon tomorrow at your church of choice, so it is enough now to just reflect on this Great Act of Love from God's Son.

Friday, March 21, 2008

This Week- Era of Peace

A Critical Time for the USA and Mother Earth-by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles This is an incredibly powerful week. We began with Palm Sunday, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Now we will experience the Vernal Equinox, the Full Moon, Passover, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Whenever there are so many opportunities for Humanity to pause for a moment and focus on God, and the various Spiritual Activities of Light taking place all over the world, the collective Cup of Humanity's Consciousness creates a tremendous portal through which the Light of God will flow to assist us all in our process of transformation. This week is unusually active and our opportunity to add to the Light of the world is being greatly increased. From every Being of Light in the Realms of Truth, Humanity is being guided to focus the power of our attention on the vision of the New Earth in all her resplendent glory. In spite of the saber rattling and war drums we are being bombarded with by the media, every credible Lightworker is gently turning his or her attention to the mission of cocreating Heaven On Mother Earth…HOME. This is our purpose and reason for being, and it is why we volunteered to be on Earth during this Cosmic Moment. We have been training for aeons of time for this mission. Within our hearts, we have all of the wisdom, strength, skill, courage and trust we need to succeed God Victoriously. Our responsibility now is to utilize our training. We must monitor our thoughts, words, feelings and actions daily and hourly to be sure we are empowering only the patterns of Heaven on Earth instead of the fragmented, fear­based thoughtforms that are being pushed to the surface all over the planet to be healed and transmuted back into Light. Every world religion has taught us, in one way or another, that we are responsible for the circumstances occurring in our lives. What we send out through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings returns to us. This is true whether we are focusing our attention on hate or love, poverty or abundance, disease or health, war or peace. There is a grassroots awakening taking place, and literally millions of people all over the world are genuinely striving to create lives of joy, peace, abundance, health and comfort for themselves and their loved ones. The vast majority of the six and one-half billion people evolving on Earth want the same thing. They want to know that their families are safe and that they can provide food, shelter, security, health care, education and comfort for their loved ones. The majority of people sincerely care about other people, and they want the best for Humanity and all Life evolving on Earth. Most people truly desire to create a lifestyle that not only supports their basic needs but honors the Earth as well. The people who are willing to deprive others of their livelihood, security, prosperity, health, peace and safety for their own selfish desires are a small minority. Those who are willing to kill people and destroy the Earth for the sake of power and money are also a mere fraction of Humanity. It will help immensely if we all invoke the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love pulsating in every person's heart, and ask the Divine Intelligence within that Sacred Flame to reveal the distortion and corruption in their thinking process that allows them to justify harming another part of Life for their own selfish gains. If, moment to moment, we focus the power of our attention on the New Earth and all that means to us in the way of love, peace, harmony, joy, happiness, abundance, health, beauty, limitless physical perfection, fulfillment, spiritual growth, enlightenment, wonder and awe, we will victoriously cocreate . . . Heaven On Mother Earth-HOME.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Almost Spring!

Everywhere you look, there are signs of Spring! GREEN sprouting up everywhere! The snow has been getting wetter and heavier, so all the GREEN gets enough water. OK, so it is time for the GREEN to sprout up in our businesses! Grow your business in 2008! Learn about marketing and selling yourself and your products & services. Be an entrepreneur! This is the year to be in your own business! Anyone who is creative, has brilliant ideas and is self-motivated can make it in any market, in any economic time & place, no matter if the market is up or down! Check out The Entrepreneur Club @

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

This day is all about the GREEN! Manifesting the green, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, finding a four leaf clover~ Shamrock, or just spending the GREEN! Everyone is Irish today, everyone who wears the green is family! Just like everyone who wears red, white and blue on July 4th is family! (At least here in the USA) This is also a Lucky 17 Day! 1+7=8 which is always prosperity, wealth and GREENBACKS!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snow Again!

Snowed in again! Cancelled Intenders Circle, but tune in for The Intenders Podcast tonight @ 9:30 MST/11:30 EST on ~ Or you can go to my blog for the Intenders Podcast info~ it is the 3rd Podcast down the margin~ (with a new, updated look!) Tonight we are Intending for LOVE! Happy Intending!
*Update on my Podcasts:
1. Prescriptions for Health is about leading edge ways to be healthy, stay healthy or even regain your health. Learn quantum leaps to optimum health & wellness, living younger longer, and the anti-aging lifestyle to your longevity! CALL: (724) 444-7444 Talkcast ID: 56612 Tuesday @ 11:30 EST, 9:30 MST 2. Living Younger Longer & Having Energy is about Youngevity & ACT Energy Drink (Advanced Cell Therapy) and other interesting ways to be healthy! For everyone wanting MORE out of their life- to feel younger, to live longer, to be energetic! CALL: (724) 444-7444 Talkcast ID: 75682 Tuesday @ 11:59 EST, 9:59 MST 3. The Intenders of the Highest Good is a very special worldwide community for very special people. If you're choosing to walk the path of empowerment, you need to get good at making your intentions, letting them go, and then taking action when opportunities present themselves. ( The Code- Tony Burroughs, cocreator of The Intenders) Be an Intender for Prosperity and Abundance for YOUR Highest Good! CALL: (724) 444-7444 Talkcast ID: 11157 Sunday @ 11:30 EST, 9:30 MST

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Forward

This New Moon was a doozy! Still reeling from the effects of it, and will be for 2 weeks! Lets remember to SPRING FORWARD tonight! Don't you love it? Another reason to lose some more sleep!!! One less precious hour of sleep... I will have to make it up some other way!