Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wed night

This is my Friday night! Wednesday is always my TGIF~ now that I am working out of town- the condensed week! (35 hrs/3 days) I can't wait to get back to my own business- very sane and relaxing! I help others to relax and destress- but I find that I must first help myself!! Thanks to everyone who is caring enough to tune in!! Podcasts are up~ Have fun listening!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Day

This is my lucky day! It is actually everyone's lucky day! We all need to go buy a lottery ticket or something~ so many great things happening NOW! Keep Intending! I finished 2 podcasts on (yes, 2 last night, 2 tonight~ all different!) Check them out, lots of others are~ the downloads are going uP!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Updated my BLS/HCP (Basic Life Support for Health Care Practitioners) yesterday, Intenders Circle today, then Intenders Podcast and Close uP Podcast tonight. Saw my mom, talked to my brother, went out to brunch, saw Rev Mr Ken Huard on the 2nd anniversary of his ordination (I remember it like it was yesterday) Congratulations, Ken! Then was in the hot tub, now time to get to sleep, it starts all over at 6am again with a drive to Canon City!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The big city

Just back from the big city- I was sneezing almost the entire time when I was outside, or on the interstate in traffic... Those toxins in the smog really get to me. I am really better, though- I used to have to shut all vents in the car, and just barely make it through the city, without stopping- if I stopped or opened the window, coughing, choking and various & sundry unladylike noises would ensue! I would also be miserable for hours! Ahh, allergies... luckily mine are only to the smog! I hope we can clean up this messy air that we breathe- at least do it for the children!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Showers

Where are those April Showers- the rain ones? We could use the rain & moisture! I just drove home from a place where my hot tub water is better than their drinking water! Please check out your city's water content- you will be shocked and disgusted. Tune into (or download) my podcast, Prescriptions for Health on from last week- I discuss the subject of clean water in more detail. We deserve clean water! Rain!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Working

I am just working~ doing what I do best~ seeing and treating patients. Helping people get well and stay well! Somehow, after 30 years or so, it gets easier! The only stress and hassle is the insurance and pharmaceutical mess, but I really don't deal with these much, so all is well! Stay well!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon, Full Life! Full moon in Scorpio~ very powerful! This is the time to make intentions and to manifest them! I intend that I have my own healing center! I also intend for my soulmate to find me! Today I saw Tony Mills, DO for a harmonizing energy session~ he is really great! He does what I do~ Energy Healing! I also bought his harmonizer to wear to protect from EMF (electro magnetic frequency) which are harmful to all life! It also clears geopathic stress & underground water stress, and neutralizes the harmful radiation. See his website for more info:

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Some of my favorites: Having lunch yesterday with my favorite son! My favorite mom coming along too! My favorite daughter staying in touch! Seeing some of my favorite friends, eating my favorite foods~ salmon, blueberry pancakes, eggs, tea, banana bread, strawberries, raspberries, cranberry almond scone, flat earth chips and crab dip... I could go on! Sunshine is always one of my favorite things, especially enjoyed in the hot tub, massage by Emilia (THE best massage therapist in the world) She helped me come back to living after a car accident! My favorite puppies~ Shante & Dante! My favorite place~ My house in Colorado! My favorite car~ The golden chariot! My favorite state of being~ Healthy! My favorite season~ NO snow!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fire & Ice

Whew! I made it home last night in Fire & Ice! The wildfire was still smoltering, it blackened the land, came right up to the road, which was just opened after being closed down for 2 days. There was the area where the firefighter airplane crashed, lots of firemen and police at the scene, really too much for me! I raced through the area fast- it was smokey as well as snowing, sleeting and in the dusk, everything was hues of purple, shades of gray, as they say- an eerie shade of deep purple where the ice was translucent on the blackened land. I am exhausted, and so sad for the firefighter that went down in the fire- another hero! Our heros are these brave men & women who fight fire, crime & any type of spiritual darkness! They are ICONS! They are Lightworkers! Thank You ALL for all you do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This Colorado wildfire is a real problem! The winds are 50 MPH and raging on already hot, dry lands, the people are evacuated, but this area is a hard one to get into to fight the fire. It is a beautiful canyon area, rather remote, rugged land. The road I take to go home is closed today, I hope it is reopened tomorrow... in the meantime, the puppies & I are in the motel overnight. I can't say I am exactly enjoying my time here. Keep praying!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Almost Tax Day!

Tomorrow is the tax day for the USA! It is the day we all dread- even if we are getting refunds! This is the first year that I actually put in for an extension. It seems I am just too busy to do taxes this year. I will get a refund, in addition to the economic stimulus check, but I just can't get into the work of doing them or the dull, empty sort of sick pleasure of my money finally coming back to me after the govt uses it all year. This year, the money just doesn't do it for me. I think we all are into bigger and better things, such as raising consciousness on the planet, making a better place for our children & grandchildren, and living our lives in the best way we can...
By the way, review that video on this blog- it was made for tax day!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Finally a sunny day! YEA!!! I soaked it up~ always need more vitamin D. Seriously, we are all vitamin D deficient, this causes depression in most people. Up north, it's called SAD- seasonal affective disorder- otherwise known as depression. The cure for SAD is: full spectrum lighting (mimics the sun) and vitamin D! Soak it up and ENJOY!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sat on Saturday

Yes, I did! It SNOWED again! I just sat in the hot tub as long as I could! I needed to get warmed up, as well as relaxed. Did you know that warm water is one of the most healing places to be for your body, mind, spirit and emotions? Yes, it is absolutely divine on a snowy, cold day! You can meditate powerfully in the hot tub, as well! The ideas that one can have come to mind is phenomenal! I love the privacy and the power of being alone in my own hot tub! I suppose someday I will have to share it with somebody~ He better be something really special!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Today was Fryday because I have been heating up the pavement driving around doing the errand thing! Banks, Post Office, Dry Cleaning, visiting, out to lunch, out to dinner, stores, paying bills, clearing up emails, puppy patrol, etc... You get the picture- still didn't make it back to the car garage, to fix the car again, or get a massage- ran out of time! I will do that and more tomorrow...
This is getting tougher and tougher- to live in the 3rd dimension, with all it's mundane things to do all the time. I like what Patricia Cota Robles sent out yesterday: STAY FOCUSED ON THE LIGHT "During this auspicious time, the Beings of Light are consistently imploring us to stay focused on the Light. Even in the face of seeming adversity, it is vital that we use our thoughts, words, feelings and actions to empower what we want to manifest in our lives and in the world. If we focus the power of our attention on our fears and the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light, we will empower and sustain the very things we are trying to eliminate on this planet. Know that with every thought, word, feeling and action you are either adding to the Light of the world or the shadows. Be cognizant of this Truth, and monitor the focus of your attention moment by moment.In order to inspire you to keep on keeping on, I would like to share with you once again how critical mass affects our ability to change our lives.REACHING CRITICAL MASS There is a phenomenon that often causes Humanity to feel frustrated and powerless when it comes to changing our lives. That phenomenon is known as reaching critical mass or, in pop-culture lingo, the tipping point.When we awaken, we begin to understand the power of our thoughts and feelings. We realize the importance of monitoring the focus of our attention and of controlling our behavior patterns. As a result of our new insight, we put forth the effort to think positively. We strive to hold our thoughts and feelings on what we want to manifest in our lives, instead of on our fears and the things we do not want in our lives. We envision Heaven on Earth, and we breathe life into our thoughtforms with positive affirmations, meditations, decrees, buoyant joy and heartfelt enthusiasm. But often, after what seems like a valiant effort, we continue to experience many of the same old problems. This unfortunate situation causes us to become discouraged and to lose faith in our ability to change our lives. At that point, we feel like our efforts are futile. That is when we decide to give up, and we stop trying to make our lives better. When we let go of our visions and our hope, we regress into our old negative thinking patterns. We start dwelling on our fears, problems and challenges instead of our goals, hopes and dreams. As a result of this tragic relapse, things get worse in our lives and our situations appear even more hopeless. Once we understand the phenomenon of reaching critical mass, it will give us the courage to persevere until our goals are accomplished. We will have the courage to stay focused on the Light, even in the face of apparent failure, which is ALWAYS an illusion.Everything is comprised of energy, vibration and consciousness. When we explore a minuscule fraction of the vast science of quantum physics, we learn that when something reaches critical mass, there is an UNSTOPPABLE SHIFT that takes place. For instance, when an electron is increasing in vibration, the moment it reaches a critical mass of the higher vibration, the entire electron ascends into the new frequency. The instant the electron reaches critical mass, nothing can prevent this unstoppable shift. Critical mass is very complex and unique to every situation, but the Company of Heaven has said that for simplicity, we can think of reaching critical mass as 51 percent of the energy, vibration and consciousness of whatever it is we are talking about. For instance, when 51 percent of an electron is vibrating at the higher frequency, the remaining 49 percent is instantly absorbed into the new vibration. Okay, so how does this facet of quantum physics affect our ability to take charge of our own lives? As we strive to improve our lives, the same laws of quantum physics apply. These are Universal Laws to which we are ALL subject. When empowering a vision or thoughtform, the moment a critical mass of energy, vibration and consciousness is reached, in alignment with our vision, nothing can stop it from manifesting. The problem is that we never know just when we are going to reach that magical moment of critical mass. There are often no outer-world signs to indicate that we are on the brink of reaching critical mass. In fact, many times it looks like we are very far away from that instant of transformation. The reason for this is that our I AM Presence is giving us the opportunity to transmute the blocks and resistance to our vision that have surfaced to be cleared out of the way. When this happens, we usually feel a little overwhelmed. We erroneously conclude that our efforts must be failing, and we just give up. The Beings of Light have said that many times we have been a breath away from reaching a critical mass of our goal. Since we did not realize that, we got discouraged and stopped working toward our life-transforming changes. Consequently, our hopes and dreams were never fulfilled.Let’s not allow that to happen this time. This is a year of new beginnings, and we have never had the magnitude of assistance from On High that we are receiving in 2008. So, in very practical terms, critical mass means that when we are striving to create prosperity in our lives, the moment our thoughts, words, actions and feelings are vibrating with a critical mass of prosperity consciousness instead of poverty consciousness, our life circumstances will shift, and we will experience prosperity. The moment a critical mass of our energy is aligned with self-esteem and love, we will magnetize positive relationships into our lives. The moment a critical mass of our energy is aligned with peace, harmony and balance, we will manifest those Divine Qualities tangibly in our life experiences.The key to our success is that we must keep on keeping on even in the face of adversity. It is vital for us to understand that the Light of God is infinitely more powerful than any fragmented human miscreation we may have inadvertently created. Poverty has no power over the Abundance of God. Our Divine Potential is infinitely more powerful than disease, failure, dysfunctional relationships, hatred, greed, corruption, war or any of the other humanly-created maladies appearing on the screen of Life.As long as we stay focused on the Light and consecrate our energy to empower only the positive experiences we want to create in our lives and in the world, we will manifest our visions and dreams faster than we can possibly imagine. Whatever you do, do not give up!This information is being given to us by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth during this critical moment on Earth to help us remember that if we do not like what is happening in our lives, we have the option to do something about it. This is true for each of us individually, and it is true for all of us collectively as a global family. We do not have to believe in the various Universal Laws in order to exist on Earth, but since we are ALL subject to them, it is just common sense for us to try to accept them. We do not have to believe that every single thought, word, action and feeling we have will go out and affect the world and then return to us to affect our personal lives, but this is happening scientifically, to the letter, in spite of any disbelief we may have. It is important that we put things back into perspective and accept responsibility for turning our lives around. When we deliberately focus on transforming our lives and cocreating Heaven on Earth, our efforts are empowered by the unfathomable Light of our I AM Presence. Then, if we invoke the assistance of the entire Company of Heaven to intercede on our behalf, our success is assured."

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today was the Entrepreneur Club day! We had a great time at Antonios (with great food as well!) All the Entrepreneurs were helpful to each other with their business and fabulous ideas came out of the good energy! This is what Napoleon Hill calls the Mastermind Group! Everyone seems to be really enjoying boosting their businesses! It is a great alternative to all the pink slips which is all corporate America is handing out these days...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Showers

April Showers~ SNOW showers, that is! Oh how lovely to watch the snow come down, however, this could turn into a blizzard~ oh joy!! More shoveling, just what every girl looks forward to, especially after working so hard at shoveling all winter! Just stay home and listen to the make up podcasts, which I will do tonight on First, I will do some traveling and some networking at ANEW (A Network of Exceptional Women)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Moon

This Aries new moon is well into it's reign. Are you feeling it? Lots of powerful energy coming our way! My favorite daughter had her birthday, as well as many other really powerful people. The moon is building, so watch for all wishes to come true, long held desires manifesting and going for the GOLD! I am serious!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Moon~ Aries

This is a new moon in Aries! Fire sign and powerful! Time for the 'dearest to your heart' intentions~ because these will manifest NOW! We are in a time of fast action on the thoughts we think, so... think great thoughts, positive and powerful as well as full of meaning for yourself and ALL of US!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fast Week

WOW! What a fast week that was! I didn't know if I was coming or going... I am going to Canon City for part of the week to fill in at a wonderful Family Practice- just a small town medical clinic, but really nice people! Since I was ON LOCATION, I didn't have much time to blog or even podcast this last week. I apologize for that, and I hope to be able to have time this coming week to catch up with all of the above! I did go to the new location, Antonio's, for the Entrepreneur Club, and it is a good fit for the EC, so all is well.