Saturday, October 31, 2009


The skull nebula in space, our sun with sunspots and a halloween witch flying in front of the moon~ all reflect the pumpkin orange and black colors of Halloween, natural phenomenon or not? Spooky any way!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


10-29 is a momentous date. 80 years ago, on 10-29-1929 the wall street crash was heard around the world, then plunged us into "the great depression"... My mother was also born on this day~ HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY, MOM! 40 years ago on 10-29-1969, the internet was born or launched, and our world has never been the same! This 10-29, we seem to have the depression and the internet... what new event will shape our lives this year on 10-29-2009?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nebulae, Bipolar Stars?

For the astrophysicist, an electron is a particle of matter with momentum that is described in part by Newton’s laws. It goes “bump” in the night sky and causes shock waves and hot gas in planetary nebulae. The nebulae are explosions of stars that are burning themselves up with internal fusion fires. For the plasmaphysicist, an electron is a unit of charge in an electrical current that is described in part by Maxwell’s equations. It is part of an electrical circuit that causes planetary nebulae to emit synchrotron radiation, to show bipolar symmetry, to have hourglass shapes, to develop toroidal currents around the central star, to display polar jets, and to oscillate in energy output. The nebulae are z-pinches in galactic electrical circuits. (

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PA WEEK This Week

This is PA WEEK! Oct 6-12. It was PA Day, now expanded into PA WEEK in recent years. Honoring all PA's and their contribution to American Healthcare, Medicine & Healing, this week celebrates the dedication of the PA to you- the patient. Most PA's are in Primary Care, ie: Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine. More PA's are now evolving into Specialties such as Surgery, Emergency Medicine, OBGYN, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, and others. PA's are your Patient Advocates, your PArtners in Health, and your Physician Associates/Assistants. Most large (and small) medical practices have PA's in addition to Physicians. PA's are serving in ALL branches of the US Military, most branches of the US government, & even at the White House~ yes even the President has a PA, as well as a physician. The British are now "trying out" US PA's, and developing their own PA programs. Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland and South Africa are also starting PA programs after the US model. PA's serve in ALL medical missions to underdeveloped countries, giving FREE medical care all over the world. PA's are also on the frontlines of FREE medical clinics right here in the USA for the homeless, immigrant and indigent populations, and PA's VOLUNTEER for these very difficult and sometimes heartbreaking "jobs"! PA's do all of these because they love what they do and PA's are dedicated to caring for YOU!