Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Spooky night it is tonight! BOO! The weather has been great here for the little trick or treaters! Usually it snows, but we had that last week. Sorry for the people in the northeast, who got a terribe snowstorm and since power lines were down, they had to cancel all the Halloween activities. Maybe they will have them next week. I love links to the past NASA Halloween images and the history of All Hallow's Eve. Here is something different for Halloween from Molly Hall Astrology:

After leading tours through the town promoted as "America's Most Haunted City" for a few years, I've heard, and occasionally seen first-hand, all the ways that spirits make their presence known. Using some of the well-known ghost stories of Savannah, GA, along with some imaginative "specter-lation," here's a breakdown of ghosts by their Sun signs, and their likely haunting style.
Aries Don't stand too close to the fire with an Aries specter afoot. Beastly faces appear in the flames, and a random flame singes off your eyebrows. Candles are mysteriously blown out, only to be re-lit moments later, the smoke still rising off the wicks. This ghost asserts dominance, won't want to peacefully co-habitate with the living, and is not easily appeased.
Taurus With the memory of its earthly earthiness, this ghost makes tree branches reach out and grab you, or ground roots wrap firmly around your ankles. One trick is making the ground sink under you, absorbing your body into the landscape. Taurus ghosts send all kinds of smells wafting through the air, for good and ill. While some use this as a weapon, to chase you away, others send a comforting message. One of my friends smells apple pie baking from time to time in her apartment, for example.
Gemini With the Gemini ghost, listen for disembodied voices, perhaps with pieces of a tragic story to tell. This specter might etch letters on the wall, as one ghost in Savannah did, on the brick chimney. The letters were SCR NW -- can you guess the message? Always eager to communicate, this ghost will ring the phone, only to lose their nerve when the living pick up. They'll also be just as frightened of the embodied, as you are of them!
Cancer At the four-star Kehoe House B & B in Savannah, a motherly ghost will tuck you in at night, or give you a Goodnight kiss. The Cancer ghost has a sentimental streak and may have emotional ups and downs. Here's the one that sobs at night, or has a fit of the giggles under a full Moon. Children can easily see this specter's moony face, which has a bluish glow. This ghost gives great hugs.
Leo At the Marshall House, a Union officer greets hotel guests in the lobby, dressed in full regalia. A Leo ghost will wear the adornments and high fashion of his or her era. They'll also appear in their prime, as if frozen at their peak in life. One theory is that ghosts show images through telepathy, and a Leo ghost goes the extra mile for good PR. Such a regal spirit being shows up at holiday and birthday parties, galas, and the monster mash.
Virgo During Sherman's occupation of Savannah, the Marshall House was a hospital for the Union army. And guests say there's a nurse still making her rounds, pressing her hand firmly across the forehead to take soldiers' temperatures. The Virgo ghost haunts the workplace, just trying to carry on with their duties. One former bank employee of 30 years, still opens the vault doors of the safe, but only for those that follow procedure to the letter! The helpful Virgo apparition returns small missing items so your day will flow better.
Libra At the Owens-Thomas house, "The Horseman" walks through walls, and strikes a pose by the fireplace. Seen by three men at a cocktail party once, all remarked on his dashing looks and mid 19th-century riding finery. The Libra ghost may appear as a luminous being, and likely hovers above the ground. Listen for the sound of clinking glasses, as with toasting, or that of a distant pianoforte, as Libra knows how to entertain in the afterlife.
Scorpio There are Western medieval legends of demons that come in the night with one lusty goal in mind. The incubus (male) and succubus (female) took hold in the imaginations of those obsessed with sex as sinful. The evolved Scorpio spirit would never overtake another psychically. But a disturbed one potentially has the power to do all kinds of dastardly deeds. Some might end up as energy vampires, preying on those with weak auras. A compassionate one warns living friends of hidden dangers, or helps solve a mystery by dropping clues on the path.
Sagittarius This playful apparition has a way with animals, especially horses. Dogs and cats following air around the room are watching the antics of the Sagittarian spirit. Sagittarius is truly the "friendly ghost," striking up an immediate rapport with the living, and causing minimal fright. This ghost travels through time, curious about other cultures and eras. If a random spirit goes through a wormhole, and shows up on the other side of the world, it's likely a Sadge.
Capricorn The Capricorn ghost may not do his own haunting, but assign this task to underlings. At the Dresser-Palmer House, one woman woke to see white-capped maids from another era, who sternly asked her to leave this instant. "Mr. Palmer is very angry with you!" they said. The ghost of the prosperious, authoritative Mr. Palmer had spectral staff to do his bidding! Listen for the sound of gold coins being counted, like at the Olde Pink House, circa 1771, and perhaps it's the worldly weath of an otherwordly Capricorn.
Aquarius When a streetlight flickers on and off in Savannah, it's not blamed on bad wiring -- a ghost is saying hello! Aquarius ghosts use electricity more than most, sending elevators up and down with phantom riders, and blinding people with a sudden high-wattage beam. At the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace (founder of the Girl Scouts), staff has constant trouble with adding machines and computers turning on and off. Some ghosts love technology, and maybe they're just curious about these newfangled devices.
Pisces An etheric being in life, the Pisces ghost has a shimmery glow, along with exquisite celestial sound effects. Some jump up and down to be guardian angels, making their presence known in subtle, loving ways. The face in the water is definitely a Pisces apparition, along with illusory morphing of your own reflection in the mirror or a window. Here's the ghost that steps out of your dreams and into your bedroom, that presence at the foot of the bed. A playful Pisces ghost enjoys sculpting clouds into animals or words, messages meant to enchant, not frighten.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Mayan Calendar Ends

Today is the day, according to some Mayan experts, that the Mayan Calendar ends. Is this the end of the world? Some think so. Carl Callemen is the main expert who thinks this is true. He has been writing about it for years. The Mayans, themselves don't think so, however.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Moon Coming!

Yes, the new Moon in Scorpio is rapidly approaching! This smart, sexy sign of the autumn! My own mom is a Scorpio, so birthday time for her!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Orionid Meteor Shower

The Orionids are here! The meteors have been visible since last night in the northern hemisphere. They are derived from their radiant, near the constellation, Orion (one of my favorites). The belt of Orion constellation is made up of 3 stars which exactly line up with the 3 pyramids of Giza, as well as other pyramids in the Mayan ruins.

WEEKEND METEOR SHOWER: The Orionid meteor shower peak on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, when Earth passed through a stream of debris from Halley's comet. As many as 26 meteors per hour are visible from rural areas, according to the International Meteor Organization.