Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012- Year of the Water Dragon

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, The Year of the Water Dragon. See for a seminar on this special year!
Many people know how powerful this year (2012) is for our new intentions, the year of the dragon is always powerful for intention & manifestation- below, Suzanne Metzger relates how the dragon symbol is assisted by Feng Shui:

Dragons are known to have supernatural powers. They are the ultimate symbol of success and happiness. In China they represent the emperor and power. They move like lightening and are totally unpredictable. Like the Dragon, this year will be filled with drama, energy, and vitality that wasn't present last year. This is a Water year and the Dragon's natural abundance of the Wood element is fed by Water, which will increase the Dragon's natural strength and energy. The Water element will also add spirituality and intuition to the Dragon's power.
Meditation and other practices that unite you with Universal Oneness and strengthen your connection with all beings will soften the strong characteristics of the Dragon and help you to listen to the thoughts and opinions of others before making headstrong decisions.
On the economic level, we can expect improvement. However, it's important not to overspend, both personally and nationally, without careful consideration.
Before making important decisions that involve risk, take a deep breath, slow down and consider all of the possibilities carefully.
Dragons are sky creatures, related to heaven. They are known for bringing the attributes of Heaven to Earth. To access this power, visualize and focus on what you really want. This can help make even seemly unattainable dreams come true with dragon-like speed this year.
Dragons are also concerned with truth. If there's something you're holding back in your relationships, this is the time to open up and share your feelings and concerns rather than having them revealed suddenly without warning.
The Helpful People area of the Bagua symbolizes heaven in Feng Shui. Placing a Dragon in this area can help you to strengthen your relationship to the heavens and connect you more deeply to your spirituality.
To help you prepare for the Water Dragon
from a Feng Shui perspective:
* Clean your house before the 23rd. (Don't forget your stove!)
* Take care of neglected home repairs-or at least schedule them.
* Toss or fix anything broken or that's no longer used.
* Pay off old debts (or be clear and in communication about them).
The above actions will help you to release any
residual energy from last year--especially if
you've experienced loss or bad luck.
(Please note: If you can't complete these actions,
at least try to set them in motion.)
* Place a symbol that represents what you want to create for yourself on your front door. Traditional symbols are a fish for abundance, a dragon for power, and seeds or melons if you wish children. You can also create a personal symbol for whatever you are trying to manifest.
To strengthen this intention, also place a similar symbol in the area of the Bagua related to what you are trying to create. You'll get the best results if you focus on one important goal rather than several at once.
The days before the 23rd are an excellent time to begin or take even one small action toward anything you expect to begin before mid-April such as:
Beginning a new project or scheduling dates for future events.
Taking one or two steps toward handling your taxes.
Starting a new health regimen or fitness plan
Purchasing or selling expensive items
Hiring an employee
This will be a great year for people who are a bit flamboyant, dramatic, love social connection, and are attuned to the Dragon-and anyone who is willing to step into the energy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

The 1st Friday 13th of the new year-2012! This year there are 3 Friday the 13th's, which makes 2012 have triple luck! Are you feeling lucky? I sure am! Freya is the Norse goddess who Friday is named for, and 13 is her lucky number. Freya means Lady, as a fertility goddess, she is linked to the full moon. Furthermore, Cancer is her sign, and we are still in the energies of the Cancer full moon. It is said that when Freya cries, her tears turn to gold over the land & amber over the water, as they fall to the earth. Her necklace holds 4 stones of amber in gold, it is called the jewel whose power cannot be resisted- Brisingamen. Brising means fire- the fire of the enlightened mind, men means jewel. The winter constellation, Orion was called "Freya's Gown" by the Norse, the stars of Orion's belt is her girdle, or her crown, depending on the source of the legend- these are ancient legends. She rides a chariot drawn by blue cats given to her by Thor and takes fallen warriors to her palace in Valhalla. She is a goddess of beauty, truth, love, fertility and wealth. That's Lucky! She is the patroness of those women who attain wisdom, status, and power, since the Valkyries had been first ordinary women, then priestesses, and after being Valkyr became Norns, the Great Goddesses who weave the fates & histories of people and nations. Freya is the "Daughter of Time", who is also a patron and protectress of the human race.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Full Moon of 2012

The 1st Full Moon of 2012 is in the sign of Cancer. It was very big and yellow tonight. It is called the Wolf Moon. The wolves may be at the door most years at this time of year, due to the snow and cold, but this year, there have been record warm temperatures here in Colorado. The snow on the ski slopes in the moutains is minimal so far, this year. The wolves may be howling at the moon, but the cold is not biting, making them not so hungry as there is plenty of food for them outside. The squirrels and other small animals are still scurrying around.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Major Meteor Showers of 2012

Major Meteor Showers (2012)

Comet of Origin: 2003 EH1 Radiant: constellation Bootes Active: Dec. 28, 2011-Jan. 12, 2012 Peak Activity: Jan. 4, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: 120 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 25.5 miles (41 kilometers) per second
Notes: A waxing gibbous moon will set at about 3 a.m. local time, allowing for several dark-sky hours of observing before dawn. This shower has a very sharp peak, usually only lasting a few hours, and is often obscured by winter weather. The alternate name for the Quadrantids is the Bootids. Constellation Quadrant Murales is now defunct, and the meteors appear to radiate from the modern constellation Bootes.
Comet of Origin: C/1861 G1 Thatcher Radiant: constellation Lyra Active: April 16-25, 2012 Peak Activity: April 21-22, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: 10-20 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 30 miles (49 kilometers) per second
Notes: A new moon on April 21 guarantees a dark sky in the late night and early morning hours, making this year ideal for observing from 10 p.m. to dawn. Lyrid meteors often produce luminous dust trains observable for several seconds.
Eta Aquarids
Comet of Origin: 1P Halley
Radiant: constellation Aquarius Active: April 19-May 28, 2012 Peak Activity: May 5-6, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: 10 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 44 miles (66 kilometers) per second
Note: While the shower peaks an hour or two before dawn, the year's closest and largest full moon will be out all night, resulting in a moonlit sky that will wash out all but the brightest meteors. Meteor watchers in the Southern Hemisphere stand the best chance of seeing any meteors.
Delta Aquarids
Comet of Origin: unknown, 96P Machholz suspected Radiant: constellation Aquarius Active: July 12-Aug. 23, 2012 Peak Activity: July 28-29, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 20 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 25 miles (41 kilometers) per second
Notes: It's not a good year for the Delta Aquarids -- light from the August full moon make them nearly impossible to see.
Comet of Origin: 109P/Swift-Tuttle Radiant: constellation Perseus Active: July 17-Aug. 24, 2012 Peak Activity: Aug. 12, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 100 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 37 miles (59 kilometers) per second
Notes: Moonlight won't be as big a problem as last year, as its waning crescent won't rise until after midnight, and the shower peaks from about 10-11 p.m. local on the night of Aug. 12.
Comet of Origin: 1P/Halley Radiant: Just to the north of constellation Orion's bright star Betelgeuse Active: Oct. 2-Nov. 7, 2012 Peak Activity: Oct. 21, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 25 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 41 miles (66 kilometers) per second
Note: With the second-fastest entry velocity of the annual meteor showers, meteors from the Orionids produce yellow and green colors and have been known to produce an odd fireball from time to time.
Comet of Origin: 55P/Tempel-Tuttle Radiant: constellation Leo Active: Nov. 6-30, 2012 Peak Activity: Night of Nov. 17, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 15 per hour Meteor Velocity: 44 miles (71 kilometers) per second
Note: The Leonids have not only produced some of the best meteor showers in history, but they have sometimes achieved the status of meteor storm. During a Leonid meteor storm, many thousands of meteors per hour can shoot across the sky. Scientists believe these storms recur in cycles of about 33 years, though the reason is unknown. The last documented Leonid meteor storm occurred in 2002.
Comet of Origin: 3200 Phaethon Radiant: constellation Gemini Active: Dec. 4-17, 2012 Peak Activity: Dec. 13-14, 2012 Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 120 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity: 22 miles (35 kilometers) per second
Note: The Geminids are typically one of the best, and most reliable, of the annual meteor showers. This year's peak falls perfectly with a new moon, guaranteeing a dark sky for the show in the nights on either side of the peak date. This shower is considered one of the best opportunities for younger viewers because the show gets going around 9 or 10 p.m.
Provided by JPL/NASA (news : web)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! This is THE YEAR we all have been waiting for! Yes, we have been waiting for EONS! The Mayan Calendar, which was discovered in the ruins of the Mayan Pyramids of Mexico in the 60's is the impetus for this year, leading up to 12-21-12, when the Mayan Calendar ends. This, then is thought to be the end of the world, since the Mayans could not fit anything else on this megolith stone tablet! Of course, it is NOT the end of the world, but the beginning of a much BETTER world for us all! We are free of the Mayan Calendar on 12-21-12, and the next type of timekeeping will be much improved.

Even the Gregorian Calendar, which is what the world uses now, will be upgraded, and refined for the betterment of all the world. The Gregorian Calendar was decreed by Pope Gregory in 1582 because the Julian Calendar had drifted out of sync 10 days. The Gregorian calendar is so precise in tracking the solar year is is only off 26 seconds per year, it takes 3,323 years for the calendar to drift one day.
The deficiency of the Gregorian Calendar is that it is only tracking time from a solar perspective and has very little regard for any other cycles and seasons. This is evident when we consider our current calendric system arbitrarily begins on January 1 each year, which is 2 weeks after the winter solstice so it is not directly connected to a solar gateway. By creating a calendar that tracks the solar cycle it has the effect of fixating our consciousness on a very linear reality including the added benefit of connecting it to commerce as well…like when to pay taxes. The end result is a calendar that is a series of numbers in months of varying numbers of days that tell us what time it is in a primarily linear fashion.

We currently are not only linear people, we are now multidimensional beings, therefore it is fundamental that our calendric system be again upgraded to include the solar cycle, as well as other important cycles. Happy New Year!