Monday, June 15, 2009

Intenders of the Highest Good Workshop

Last Sunday, I attended The Intenders of the Highest Good Workshop with Tony Burroughs, one of the co-creators of the Intenders. Also there was Tina Stober, who is also an original member and channels Lee Ching, a spiritual guide of The Intenders, and Aaron Jacobson, who is a singer/songwriter musician for The Intenders. He has written new songs about The Intenders and writes Songs for The Aquarian Age. Now, these three really are impressive together! The last time I was at an Intenders Workshop, it was only Tony, but it was great! Tony was enough. We were spoiled this time with 3 Great Intenders and a Great Spirit Guide, not to be outdone by 5 tornados that touched down in the area! The drive was beautiful with thousands of bikers on the road, due to a bike race going on. We were all really On the Road With The Code, as all Good Intenders should~ enjoying every minute! Thanks Tony, Tina and Aaron! BTW~ They are coming to a town near you! Check out