Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Moon, Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox, International Day of Peace, Jupiter and Uranus Conjunct the Sun!

What an awesome day! So many Cosmic Attractions today! Where do I start? This Full Moon is The Harvest Moon, and so bright! It is keeping many of us from sleeping! It is also in Aries, so many brand new and brilliant ideas are now coming in! The next New Moon is also in Aries, so we will see the next new thing manifesting at that time. The Harvest Moon is what the full moon is called when it is close to the Autumn Equinox- it is also close to the earth, so it appears very large. The Equinox is the rare day that our earth stands straight up on the axis- you can literally stand an egg up most of the day- night and day are perfectly balanced, and so must we be, as well. So this is the special day of peace. We can meditate and be in balance and harmony with the entire Earth, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, with Venus as the Evening Star bringing us all blessings of peace, prosperity and abundance! Happy Peace Day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 Keys, 7 Universal Laws

I love this article from Kathryn Cassidy on the Seven Magic Keys! Read and enjoy! I am excited that these Keys and Laws reflect Mighty Manifesting, which is what Intenders of the Highest Good Circle portrays and performs every day! ~Laurie

The Seven Magic Keys
"From the very first time I read about the Seven Universal Laws I was spellbound by the wisdom contained within the them. If you are unfamiliar with these Laws, which come originally from translations of ancient hermetic texts, you may like to watch a 3 minute video which I have put together at KathrynCassidy.com."

The words in the video inspire us because they resonate within at a very deep level. However the use of the word Magic in the title of this article should be properly understood. Magic in this context is not aligned with the word illusion but with the ability to invoke the forces that lie dormant within us all; forces that unite us with the 'All that is' - sometimes known as the Divine.
It strikes me however that the poetic, but archaic, text of The Kybalion (the book from which the Laws are taken) requires a more up-to-date translation. Much has already been made in the popular press of some of the laws i.e. The Law of Attraction, which is an amalgamation of the Principles of Correspondence and Vibration, but what about the other laws? How can we discover how they are working in our life and put them to use? Well you don't have to get all new-agey or start pacing out 5 pointed stars - although Harry Potter did have the number 7 on the back of his jacket because JK Rowling knows a thing or two about esoteric wisdom - but no, none of that. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears a little wider to the world around you and your interactions with it.
So, you may like to get hold of a nice new notebook. This shows commitment and willingness to dedicate yourself to recording your insights. Your pen will act as your magic wand because writing things down tends to impress them into the consciousness more strongly than just reading about them ever can. If you can commit each of the Laws to paper and follow my exercises below you are guaranteed to become more cognizant of how all seven of the laws permeate throughout your existence and shape your world.
One word of friendly warning though. Possessing knowledge of the keys requires intent, application, total honesty and most of all courage, because each key once turned will quite possibly take you into places you might at times prefer not to explore; your inner being.
If you persevere however you can use this information to transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
LAW 1: Mind (as well as elements and metals) may be transmuted from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. The All is Mind the Universe is Mental.
Here the message concerns the practice of Alchemy. The word Alchemy applies to manipulation of elements and substances in order to understand the constituents of nature. This practice continues today in laboratories all over the world but is now called Chemistry. However alchemy has a dual meaning - it also applies to the transmutation of the lower nature of the soul; the process of distilling the spiritual higher self, from the lower, coarser more slowly vibrating character.
The 1st Key is to understand that everything which happens in physicality is initiated at the level of the mind and it is the mind that produces our reality and the matter we encounter. If we take control of our thoughts (mind) and appreciate our interconnectedness to The Collective Mind, also known as the ALL; The Divine and even God, we can literally transmute - change - our life for the better.
Exercise: Try and separate what you observe from the person who is observing it. Where does that person reside? Are 'you' in your head, in your shoes, in your elbow? Where is the part of you that you call your personality? Looking at yourself and talking to yourself in a mirror often increases your awareness that your brain is housed in physical form, but 'you' are not. Read as many books about the power of the mind as you can. There are books available through the Spiritual Growth link on my newsletter, or take a look at The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
Write down a list of one thing you would like to draw into your life (leaving out money for now!) Start by getting clear about what it is you want - be it a person, condition or event. Use visualisation and written affirmations. Then, for a period of a week, write down all of the synchronicities or coincidences that have caught your attention during each day, regarding your initial desire. You may start to see TV adverts or overhear conversations; observe book titles or receive a phonecall, all of which in some way bring you closer to your desire - or appear to offer you clues as to how to move towards your goal. All these things will demonstrate to you that your thoughts are indeed beginning to attract the corresponding reality into your world. And, if that is so your mind must be connected to something beyond your brain!
The more you can recognise and believe that your thoughts are an energy that permeate everything in the Universe and are not boundaried by your skull, the more quickly you will feel empowered to start manifesting the conditions you need, and to change the things you thought were out of your control.
The secret is to know that your mind creates all the conditions you encounter and processes the way you perceive them. Every thought you have about someone, whether good or bad, is received and unconsciously acknowledged. This is a two-way street. When you are suddenly taken by a desire to call someone for example you can be sure that they were recently thinking of you too. Thus this is the Principle of Mentalism. It may also be called the Law of Pure Potentiality as all the laws are ultimately part of the ALL and the ALL encompasses everything that is.
LAW 2: As below, so above, as above, so below.
The 2nd Key is to appreciate that there is no separation. The Mind of the ALL flows through everything at every level of existence from the smallest to the largest and vice versa. If something is happening to you on Earth there will be a corresponding event in the Heavens AND at every level in between which is why the law is extended in Hermetic texts to include as within, so without. Whatever is happening within you will find a corresponding event outside of you - and vice versa. This is possibly one of the most difficult laws to understand but the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus assert that all information about a man can be found within a single drop of his blood and that within a man is a representation of the entire universe.
Exercise: To further exercise your understanding of this law watch this short Java Video In this you will see how there is very little difference between the inner cells of nature and the outer universe. To see this in action read any book on Homeopathy and Herbalism. You can also read my article on correspondences here.
The secret is to know that everything you meet in life - everything - has a correspondence to something going on within you.
The food you choose to eat; the people you associate with; the atmosphere around you…. 'You are what you eat. You are what you meet'. Illness is another clue of a reciprocal link of your inner world to your outer world or vice versa. read Louise Hay ' You Can Heal Your Life' to find out more.
Charles Haanel had this to say:
"The majority of mankind lives in the world without; few have found the world within and yet it is the world within that makes the world without; it is therefore creative and everything you find in your world without has been created by your world within"
If you decide to take responsibility for your thoughts and what you are meeting you can never assign blame. Always see the world as if it is turning just for you. See that it is trying to show you where you are doing well and what you may need to pay a little more attention to in your life. Thus this key is also known as the Principle of Correspondence*.
*The as above so below also directly refers to planetary correspondences too but that is for another article.
LAW 3: Nothing rests. everything moves, everything vibrates:
The 3rd Key speaks of the frequencies that everything emits. All matter from your body to the chair that you sit on, the food you eat and the car that you drive is comprised of atoms moving (oscillating) at speeds that are invisible to our eyes. Vibration is also the mechanism that allows us to hear and see. Sound and light waves are just another form of vibrating energy. Everything we perceive is only the way it appears because that's how are brains are wired up to experience it. These speeds are not, however, invisible to what we commonly refer to as our sixth sense. This is the faculty that allows us to detect unseen energies and consciously raise and lower our vibration - we just need to give it attention.
'Where attention goes - energy flows'
In raising the natural vibration to a higher frequency, it has been found that one will attract people and events of a higher nature too. This happens through a process called Resonance. Think of the way you can turn a dial on a radio and pick up entirely different stations and programs simply by selecting a new frequency. The basic premise is exactly the same - you can see what vibration you must be sending out by noticing what you are receiving.
Exercise: When you meet someone for the first time, don't launch into immediate trivial chit chat. Take a breath and note what reactions you are feeling in your body. Do you feel jittery or calm? Do you feel uplifted or tired? Listen to the tone of their voice. What invisible information are you registering simply from the tonal quality of this person. Are they tired, stressed, happy? When we meet someone of a similar vibrational attunement we feel harmony - we feel good in their presence. We easily merge or blend with them and their energy. When there is a differing vibration we feel discordant - ill at ease.
Every single emotional reaction we have is just energy that is moving through us. So, if you work assiduously at recognising the feelings every encounter engenders in you, you will in time come to accurately know where your own vibrational level must presently be at. You'll instinctively know which activities, places and people raise you up and which lower you down. Again keep a diary or notebook until you start to automatically sense these invisible forces and feel empowered to use this knowledge to consciously change your own vibration in order to attract better circumstances.
The secret is that ‘like attracts like’ vibrations but high, light vibrations always transmute the lower, denser ones. So seek out uplifting books, people, events and even foods and avoid dark and dismal colours, people, attitudes and make the Law of Vibration work for you.
LAW 4: Everything is dual everything has its pair of opposites, like and unlike are the same opposites are identical in nature - just different in degrees.
The 4th Key is to know that everything has two ends but we must stop looking at everything as being linear - that is, as if it is measurable on a scale like a ruler. In truth everything is circular and there is no separation between the two ends. What goes around will eventually come around!
The Earth is round; our cells ; the cycles of nature, are all round. Nothing is straight. Opposites are identical in nature because at some juncture in a circle they must be joined together or contain a mirror of the other end. This is best demonstrated in the human life cycle. we all know that an old person is at the opposite end of the age spectrum but very similar, in terms of needs, to a baby.
Exercise: Look at an apple. Notice that you could never know where it begins and ends. True, you may see a small stalk, but the opposite side grew out of that stalk- once they were joined in a seed. Now go outside and look at a tree. If you were able to see the roots of the tree you would see that the branches above ground were being mirrored by the branches under the Earth, except in this instance we call them roots - there is an obvious correlation and similarity between opposite ends of the tree. The tree grew from one source and each end is now separated but only by degree - it is still one tree.
The only things you will find in life that are not either rounded (have no beginning and no end - and that philosophically includes humans) or don't have a common source and life cycle, are the things that are man-made. In everything in life we find polarity. Hot is opposite to cold but they are similar - at both ends of the scale they can burn you. Other polarities are up/down, on/off. How many more can you discern?
Spend time in contemplation of the well known Yin/Yang symbol and also think of times when you have laughed so hard you have cried, or got so angry you have laughed at yourself. Look at those who you reject because they seem so opposite in nature to you and see where in fact you are very similar but in varying degrees. The feminine girly girl who likes pink is very similar to the butch woman who has rejected her femininity. They have simple taken polar extremes of the same reject/accept scale. In astrology we see this law at work in the six pairs of signs: Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio etc.
Use the law to self correct your life. When you are angry deliberately do something that makes you happy. If you meet unkind words offer its opposite, unconditional love. If you are sad seek out someone who is happy.
The secret within this law if to understand, yet again, that there is no linear measure of time, space, man or his experiences. However far apart in personality, beliefs or nature you seem to be from your fellow humans, (or those who have departed) you are joined; separated only in degree. This is the Principle of Polarity.
LAW 5: Everything flows, everything has its tides. All things rise and fall the pendulum has its swing.
The 5th Key. Now we are asked to consider the Law of Flow. This reminds us that if we would just let things move at their own rhythm and pace, they will move in harmony.
Exercise: Be alert for times when you step in and try and control events to fit an artificial timetable. Who is it who has determined this agenda and why? Are the reasons fear based? Control based? Ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen if you surrender to the flow. We all know people who are moody. They are very reactive to this law but the serene person is balanced, allowing life to flow back and forth between both poles, never letting anything upset their own equilibrium. In practice this would entail you deliberately counter balancing by always looking for the good in what you perceive to be a 'bad' situation, whilst surrendering to the experience as a whole.
The secret is that from our limited perspective, if things don't go according to plan we feel as if they will drift into chaos. But consider this; maybe if the taxi is late and you are going to miss curtain up at the theatre or being late picking your kids up from school you have not seen how divine providence may have saved you from missing the rest of your life altogether! What if your taxi had arrived on time. Would your driver have taken another route and then got caught in a traffic jam that would have made you even more late? What if you had picked your kids up on time but then been in the path of an accident that you would otherwise have missed? Go with the flow. We should never assume that our agenda is better than that of the 'Divine'. Embrace the Principle of Rhythm and trust it.
LAW 6: Every cause has an effect, every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law. Chance is but a name for Law not yet recognised. Nothing escapes Law.
The 6th Key. Now at first sight, this one is very similar to Law 5 but there are subtle differences. This law asks us to consider the chain of events that lies behind 'chance' - a chain of events that we can never trace back to the very beginning and therefore we can not know where we are in its cycle. Therefore when things happen we call them chance because we can't see the connections.
Astrologers know the cycles of planets and can inform a client at what stage they are in any cycle. This is because we can track the planet or extrapolate information about its movements from the understanding we have about planetary harmonics (periods). Anthropologists can tell us which period we are at in our evolution but they do it on linear scale, as the understanding they have about evolution does not encompass a cyclical model.
This law also embraces the subject of Karma. We know that we had 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 great, great grandparents and so on which means that at some time way back in history when the population was very small we were all either related or from families or tribes that may have known each other. An indeterminate amount of people have a connection to you but we cannot know what they set in motion.
With this in mind then every unexplainable event is merely something that may have been caused at another time in thought and we now experience the effect. The chain may be visible, upon closer examination, or invisible because of our limitations, but one thing is sure it is connected to our interaction with the ALL.
Exercise: See if you can rebuild the chain of something that appeared to be a coincidence to you. Write down all the events that had to happen in order for your coincidence to occur. See if you can identify the cause of the effect.
The Secret - is quite simply that nothing happens that is not ordered. Chaos and randomness is not an option!
Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect
LAW 7; Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. Gender manifests on all planes.
The 7th Key Gender (in the Hermetic sense) and the sex of something are not the same thing. Gender means to generate. Your sex is a manifestation of your ability to generate on the physical plane. The Hermetic teachings are fascinating in this regard for they point out that positive corpuscles or electrons seem to exert an influence upon negative corpuscles, causing the latter to assume certain combinations and thus 'generate' an atom. This is obviously analogous to the masculine energies exciting the feminine causing her to 'generate' a baby.
I have long held a particular theory, as a result of this knowledge, that when a couple fail to naturally create a baby it could be because there is not the correct vibrational attunement or the woman is somehow blocking the male energy. She's not 'excited' enough - maybe biologically - but definitely at some unconscious level of the mental plane. Although this may stem back to the principle of cause and effect (karma).
Negative particles equate to the feminine energy and masculine particles equate to a positive charge. The former circles rapidly around the latter and as I say, it is the union which causes the birth of a new atom. Once it is formed it becomes a separate thing with certain properties. So we can see from Science that it is feminine energy that is the creative force but only when acted upon by the masculine energy. All embryo’s are initially female until acted on by a force that begins the process of masculinisation.
So this is The Principle of Gender operating on the plane of energy. Both poles are needed for generative ability. Hermeticists maintain that the force of gravity is another manifestation of this Principle.
Exercise: Ponder on the masculine (positive) and feminine (negative) dualities on the mental plane. If a negative thought circles rapidly around a positive one (but in this sense we are not talking about the good or bad quality of the thought but rather what they produce in combination) and it is the negative energy that creates 'something new' then what can you deduce from that? Really think about it before reading on.
I notice that many religions put their hands together when in prayer. Some schools of thought maintain the left side of the body has a negative charge and the right a positive one. Could we unconsciously know this to be true and in prayer we are completing a circuit of energy for Mind to operate through? Try it. See if you ability to manifest miracles increases with the traditional hand-together, prayer position.
The Secret. It can be seen that it is likely that positive and negative thought can be consciously manipulated to produce a new thought. If we look at the feminine principle as being the sub conscious, or receptive, mind and the masculine as the objective and active, suggestive mind, it can be seen that we should bring our attention to what is occurring in our subconscious in order to produce a change. So we don't try and eradicate one, we bring them together to create something new!
To change your mood or mental state - change your vibrationThe ALL is Mind; The Universe is Mental
* * * * *
That's it. That's all the Laws. Everything in the Universe falls into one of these categories whilst at the same time encompassing all seven. The laws permeate through all levels of existence and everything that seems so complicated is really very, very simple and can be summed up in a few words........
One principle of consciousness permeating the entire universe, occupying all space and being essentially the same kind at every level. That is The All
©: http://www.kathryncassidy.com/

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparents Day

This day used to be on 9-11, before the terrorist attacks, now it is on 9-12. In any case, it is an important day to all the grandchildren! The grandmothers and grandfathers are, and alway have been a Godsend, a safety net, an ancestry for the children. The prayers of the grandparents for their grandchildren are sacred, and almost as powerful as the prayers from the mothers!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11, Sad Day- "Never Forget"

This is a sad day for all Americans- the day of the terrorist attacks in 2001. Remembering is hard, but very needed and the right thing to do- if we choose to forget, we choose to repeat the past...Never Forget!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Moon, New Life

New Moon brings new life to all our desires! Almost out of Mercury retrograde... 4 more days!