Monday, August 31, 2009

Fires, Hurricane~ September starting with a bang!

California fires and hurricane are upon us. The place is heating up! And all of this after Cali Gov Arnold S, AKA "The Governator" declared bankruptcy for the overburdened state. Cali is not just overburdened by debts, but also by illegals, causing increased crimes, etc, etc ad nauseum. It is sure a shame, I used to love Cali, San Diego especially! Now, I will probably never go there again~ there are better places to spend my time and money, as well as being safer and more fun. In any case, pray for this beautiful state and all the beautiful California people, who must be really suffering through all these disasters. The hurricane is off the Baja right now, heading right for Southern Cali, hopefully it will die down to a tropical storm when it hits land...

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