Monday, May 3, 2010


It has now been 7 years since the car accident. They said I would not walk or ever get out of the pain. "Just get used to it and take your drugs" they said. Not one of them thought I would get better. What is just amazing, if not purely a miracle, is that I did get better, and I got better without any medication, not even a tylenol. Without any surgery, even though I was recommended to get a few! Without any injections, or any other invasive treatment. Intuitively, I KNEW I would heal, that I could heal within, without outside intervention. I also had the best natural healing team on Earth! Biofeedback Jack, Massage Therapist Emilia, Acupuncture Jane, Terry Struck, MD, PT, massage beds, hot tubs, Yoga with Teryl, Tai Chi and swimming, music, stretching and sleep- precious sleep! Thank You All for helping me to get my life back! Nurturing friends and family, Thank You All for everything!

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