Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CME, Solar Flares

Check out as well as NASA website- we are in the solar tsunami today! It is a G-3 class Geomagnetic Storm! This will cause some colorful Auroras in the north, but the rest of us have to watch out for extreme sunburns! I have been wanting to blog about the dangers of our sun in this situation, and here we are...
Some of my friends have had cancers taken off their skin recently, they are lucky- all was removed, many people are not so lucky. Please get a skin check up, yearly, if possible. Develop melanin slowly, by tanning a little each day to build up the pigment in your skin, and stay out of the sun during days like today when a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun is occurring. See right side of this blog for daily updates on the sun, moon, earth, as this is Very Important to us all!

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