Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Moon, Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox, International Day of Peace, Jupiter and Uranus Conjunct the Sun!

What an awesome day! So many Cosmic Attractions today! Where do I start? This Full Moon is The Harvest Moon, and so bright! It is keeping many of us from sleeping! It is also in Aries, so many brand new and brilliant ideas are now coming in! The next New Moon is also in Aries, so we will see the next new thing manifesting at that time. The Harvest Moon is what the full moon is called when it is close to the Autumn Equinox- it is also close to the earth, so it appears very large. The Equinox is the rare day that our earth stands straight up on the axis- you can literally stand an egg up most of the day- night and day are perfectly balanced, and so must we be, as well. So this is the special day of peace. We can meditate and be in balance and harmony with the entire Earth, Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, with Venus as the Evening Star bringing us all blessings of peace, prosperity and abundance! Happy Peace Day.

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