Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine Eve

I usually celebrate Valentine's Day on the Eve of Valentine's Day. The reason is not obscure- simply the celebration is less hectic when started early, and reservations are easier to get. In fact, I remember a particular Valentine Eve, when a snowstorm came in suddenly on the 13th, we couldn't get reservations for the 14th at a nice restaurant, but we got the 13th, due to the storm. When we arrived in our 4WD, we were the only ones in the entire place! Of course, not only did we recieve very special VIP service from the only waiter there, but the owner and the chef came out to talk to us and tell us how happy they were that we were there. We even offered them a ride home, due to the storm, but they said that they had to stay and get ready for the crowd they were going to have the next day.

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