Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Tonight is Summer Solstice! The next 90 days (13 weeks) will be the manifestation of your dreams or the consequences of your actions! Depending on your state of being these last 90 days... you have already made the choice.

Tonight is the shortest night of the year, longest day of the year- in the northern hemisphere. It is exactly opposite in the southern hemisphere. This relates directly to the opposite hemispheres in our brain- totally balanced today!

To the Native Americans the solstice is the marriage of the Sky and the Earth. A festival of light. Bonfires are lit to celebrate the Sun at its height of power and to ask the Sun not to withdraw into darkness. It is time to reflect on the growth of the year. Seeds planted in the Earth as well as within our own our souls.

Whatever you dream tonight will come true! See what happens...

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