Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Vacations

Back from the mountains, ready for the beach! In between I will be moving my office location... not exactly what I would call a vacation, but I am excited to be moving forward and upgrading! Lots of happenings for everyone after the summer eclipses changed everything. What is changing in your life? New job, new baby, new relationship, new business, new ideas, new residence- or like me, new office? I will also be developing new seminars for depressed, anxious & bipolar sufferers- part of the new ideas!
Take some time out for yourself, a true vacation for R&R before the fall starts up again with school, work and other responsibilities close at your heels. REALLY relax this time, it may be the last time for a long time, as time itself is moving ever faster into the future- get ready for 2012!

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