Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires

Today we had a group prayer for all the people in California who are affected by the fires. I have prayed individually, but I felt like the international group had more clout, somehow. Whatever works! My brother and his wife were evacuated in San Diego- the Witch fire is threatening their area. My brother Stephen, however, is helping set up shelters, and his wife, Aina is helping the firemen- so giving and caring they are in this chaotic time! San Diego is my second favorite city- I do not want to see it burning! We had the Incline fire here last month, and who could forget the Hayman fire! Then, of course, there is the time when lightning struck directly and burned the top of my home! This has all been in the last 2 years! I am still unsettled. Am I enlightened yet? Is anyone? Keep Praying!!!


PATTI Alive! said...

Your blog looks proud of YOU!!!!

I spoke with my sister tonight and the winds have let up today (Thursday), a little reprieve. yet still lives have been so displaced. My friend Yvonne, in Bonsall is okay. They have horses and everyone was evacuated except a one mile area by them. Miracles abound.
I will certainly pray for your brother, as well.....Patti

Laurie Grant said...

I am so glad your sister and friend are OK- I spoke with my brother again today, yes they are OK and moving back home- no damage, just a dirty mess to clean up (from smoke)- they are happy to be cleaning!
Love Ya, Patti! Thanks for showing me how to do this! Next, I would like to put a video on it...Laurie