Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday the 13th

This is the 13th again! Every month, I am just awed at the power of this number... we should have a 13th month! Some people (mainly men) are so afraid of this number that there is no 13th floor in buildings, no 13th suite in office buildings, no 13 on a street or store sign. It really is a lucky number, the holy number, the number of the Goddess. My LUCKY number! 13=1+3=4 (the number of completeness, the number of GOD!) Friday the 13th has always been my luckiest day of the year! This was a great day, spent with my daughter (my favorite lady), and I was at a great Intenders tonight- to top it off, a great man, and my son (my favorite man) called too!

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