Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Have you ever used a whiteboard to write your goals on? They can be used to teach, and to learn... I have used these types of whiteboards to teach many things to others, now it is my turn to learn. When I wrote out my list of "to do's" I wasn't just looking at them, suddenly~ the "to do's" were looking at ME! I put it in plain sight near the computer, so they are actually looking at me, as if to say: "When are you going to complete these things?" Then, a funny thing happened... the longer I pondered them, the easier they appeared! Then, as if they said "I told you so" I realized, these things on my "to do" list were so easy, they are already nearly completed & waiting to be erased, to start over with new goals. First, I will cross them off the list, before erasing, just to have the sweet satisfaction of a job well done! I am learning...

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