Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Men ARE from Mars

I sat at a table with all men tonight, at a dinner conference (only one other lady~ my friend & fellow PA, Pat) The table sat 10, so there were 8 men. I was looking forward to meeting the men I didn't know and catching up with the ones I have known for years. They served themselves first, didn't ask if the ladies wanted salad dressing, cream for coffee, butter for bread, etc... One even left the table and sat at another table with all men! (His place was filled again with another man.) They also talked "man talk" among each other, never introducing themselves! They truly acted as if we were not even there! We spoke with them, introduced ourselves nicely, they just turned again to each other! Who raised these guys? Their mother and father sure did a poor job! I do blame the parents because this is where we all learn our first manners, we also learn our first dysfunctions, codependencies, obsessions, compulsions, rudeness and downright craziness. I understand that men need their "space" but they came to this function, why can't they be social, or even just a little polite? Do they really despise the ladies so much that they will go to every length to avoid/ignore them? My friend and I are nice-looking, kindhearted, well-groomed, professional ladies and even single!!! But that is not the point- the point is that a lady deserves respect~ where is it? Do men really want to be "tribal" as I have heard lately? When did this start? I grew up with 3 brothers and a dad, lots of uncles and male cousins~ they all knew how to treat a lady, and be as equals...

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