Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fire & Ice

Whew! I made it home last night in Fire & Ice! The wildfire was still smoltering, it blackened the land, came right up to the road, which was just opened after being closed down for 2 days. There was the area where the firefighter airplane crashed, lots of firemen and police at the scene, really too much for me! I raced through the area fast- it was smokey as well as snowing, sleeting and in the dusk, everything was hues of purple, shades of gray, as they say- an eerie shade of deep purple where the ice was translucent on the blackened land. I am exhausted, and so sad for the firefighter that went down in the fire- another hero! Our heros are these brave men & women who fight fire, crime & any type of spiritual darkness! They are ICONS! They are Lightworkers! Thank You ALL for all you do!

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