Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

2010, being the 100th year of celebrating Fathers Day in the USA is special indeed. Most countries do not even have a Fathers Day, yet most other countries do have a Mothers Day, or Womens Day. It is significant that Fathers Day falls the Day before Solstice- Sol being the Sun, which has always been masculine, a Father, while the moon, Luna being feminine, a Mother. Sol, also a god in some cultures, we see even now as sun worshippers...

This is also my Dad's Birthday- we always had a great time celebrating his Birthday as well as Fathers Day- He was an exceptional Dad! He had a saying: Some children are grown like weeds, with no care- they just grow up. His children were raised, and tenderly cared for, like a garden.
Thank You, Dad! I Love You!

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