Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Changes

The Lunar Eclipse yesterday, June 26 opened the door for our success and transition into a brand new environment with career/business opportunities. June 25, 26, 27, 28 are now a major series of back to back changes. The Sun opposition Pluto on Friday the 25, shining the light on Pluto's emphasis of business/government/industry. The Full Moon on June 26, a Lunar Eclipse, at 4' Cancer/4' Capricorn, with Jupiter and Uranus squaring this Lunar Eclipse, Grand Cross heightening the high tide of events. Mercury opposes Pluto today, Sunday the 27, bringing information forward that's been the undercurrent of events, now coming into view. This new visibility shows situations that are now under scrutiny. The Sun connects with Mercury at 6' Cancer tomorrow, Monday the 28, which opens the floodgates of information that provides karma for many people, positions, situations that have been misusing their power and impacting people in a negative way. Their arrogance and ego issues begin to be seen in the spotlight. These events seem to fall like rain, being the very events that flow into a new generation of Uranus in Aries creating a completely different environment for us all!

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