Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Doomsday, No Rapture

No doomsday or rapture yet... we are all still here! It is true that NO ONE knows the day or the time of the end of this world, or even the end of our own life, let alone anyone else's. The good preacher who wrongfully predicted this day as the end of days, is also still here- so far. Personally, I don't look to others for prophecy, since I have enough intuition to make my own prophecies, if I were so inclined- as do we all. It takes intense focus & concentration to be in touch with your inner self and your Highest Good or God. Not very many people want to have that level of focus from what I can tell. Most people don't even have the desire to attain the focus. Intuition is a natural ability, and is also a natural investment, and needs to be practiced, perfected, protected and tested often. The rewards are great, as in living life to the full, instead of predicting death to the world.

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