Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

The 1st Friday 13th of the new year-2012! This year there are 3 Friday the 13th's, which makes 2012 have triple luck! Are you feeling lucky? I sure am! Freya is the Norse goddess who Friday is named for, and 13 is her lucky number. Freya means Lady, as a fertility goddess, she is linked to the full moon. Furthermore, Cancer is her sign, and we are still in the energies of the Cancer full moon. It is said that when Freya cries, her tears turn to gold over the land & amber over the water, as they fall to the earth. Her necklace holds 4 stones of amber in gold, it is called the jewel whose power cannot be resisted- Brisingamen. Brising means fire- the fire of the enlightened mind, men means jewel. The winter constellation, Orion was called "Freya's Gown" by the Norse, the stars of Orion's belt is her girdle, or her crown, depending on the source of the legend- these are ancient legends. She rides a chariot drawn by blue cats given to her by Thor and takes fallen warriors to her palace in Valhalla. She is a goddess of beauty, truth, love, fertility and wealth. That's Lucky! She is the patroness of those women who attain wisdom, status, and power, since the Valkyries had been first ordinary women, then priestesses, and after being Valkyr became Norns, the Great Goddesses who weave the fates & histories of people and nations. Freya is the "Daughter of Time", who is also a patron and protectress of the human race.

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