Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! This is THE YEAR we all have been waiting for! Yes, we have been waiting for EONS! The Mayan Calendar, which was discovered in the ruins of the Mayan Pyramids of Mexico in the 60's is the impetus for this year, leading up to 12-21-12, when the Mayan Calendar ends. This, then is thought to be the end of the world, since the Mayans could not fit anything else on this megolith stone tablet! Of course, it is NOT the end of the world, but the beginning of a much BETTER world for us all! We are free of the Mayan Calendar on 12-21-12, and the next type of timekeeping will be much improved.

Even the Gregorian Calendar, which is what the world uses now, will be upgraded, and refined for the betterment of all the world. The Gregorian Calendar was decreed by Pope Gregory in 1582 because the Julian Calendar had drifted out of sync 10 days. The Gregorian calendar is so precise in tracking the solar year is is only off 26 seconds per year, it takes 3,323 years for the calendar to drift one day.
The deficiency of the Gregorian Calendar is that it is only tracking time from a solar perspective and has very little regard for any other cycles and seasons. This is evident when we consider our current calendric system arbitrarily begins on January 1 each year, which is 2 weeks after the winter solstice so it is not directly connected to a solar gateway. By creating a calendar that tracks the solar cycle it has the effect of fixating our consciousness on a very linear reality including the added benefit of connecting it to commerce as well…like when to pay taxes. The end result is a calendar that is a series of numbers in months of varying numbers of days that tell us what time it is in a primarily linear fashion.

We currently are not only linear people, we are now multidimensional beings, therefore it is fundamental that our calendric system be again upgraded to include the solar cycle, as well as other important cycles. Happy New Year!

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