Monday, July 7, 2008

7-7 Today

Today is 7-7... Lucky 7's! No, I didn't buy a lottery ticket! I mean lucky in the way of numerology. Last year, it was even better~ 7-7-7! The planets even lined up on this day last year! This year, we have a totally different cycle with 7-7-8. There are two groups of Lucky Numbers: those that stay with you all your life, and another set of numbers that changes at regular intervals, in a pattern based on certain cycles found in your personal numerology chart. Some change every calendar year, others change every month or every day, and some change with each birth day, many numbers, in particular the daily Lucky Numbers, follow a rhythmic pattern. This is because those numbers are derived in part from certain yearly, monthly, and daily cycles in your personal chart which also appear in a predictable rhythm; much like the seasons and other cyclical events in nature. Enjoy today!

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