Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to do the Detox Rock & Roll

Yea! The heat is on! Time to do the detox rock! And roll- get rid of the roll! You know, around the middle... Spring is a good time to detox, but midsummer is the best time! Especially if you missed the "spring cleaning," like I did. The heat will help the toxins roll off your body, use all the help you can get! The fat and toxins build up during the long winter months, then they can be slow to come off, until now- NOW is the time! Just be sure to also help this process with lots of water! Drink anywhere from 1-4 liters a day, and you will see a change in your shape, as well as how you feel- you will feel lighter, and BE lighter! Of course, purified water is better, and pure mineral water is best! Here's a toast to detox with pure water!

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