Monday, July 14, 2008

We are ALL in this together!

Yes, we are all in this world together! We are all experiencing the rise in gas prices, as well as the fall in the stock market. The wave of the future coming over us and the nostalgia of the past behind us. I say let us unite! Lets get together and intend what we want, say what we desire and GET IT! Nevermind who is running for president, WE are running the USA! Who is working today? US! Who is voting? US! Who is actually running this show? ACT like it, then! Don't hire illegals if you don't want them overpopulating our country and using/abusing our services that we can't get, because they are overwhelming the systems. Don't eat at the junk food places, don't buy the food that is shipped in from wherever- eat local! Buy local, and hire local- is that so difficult?

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