Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Finally!

What a week! This was a very fast-paced and difficult week, I am glad it is OVER! No time to write, think or relax this week... I was so exhausted, I could barely do the podcasts, "Prescriptions for Health" & "Living Younger Longer and Having Energy" on Tuesday, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! The Entrepreneur Club on Wednesday was simply delicious! The food, the people, the ideas, the training, the masterminding~ YUMMY! Finally, my hot tub was delivered, but it took all day on Thursday to install, then I worked the evening clinic at Mission Medical Clinic until late, helping wherever needed, which seemed to be everywhere this time! I finally arrive to Friday, and we have an ice storm! Ahhh, winter in Colorado! My mom even fell last night and broke her foot! She went to the Emergency Clinic & then left for Egypt today on schedule anyway!!!! Yes, one tough cookie she is~ remember I am her daughter!

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