Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snowy Day

Well, it finally REALLY snowed last night and today! Several feet in the mountains, less in the foothills, but ice everywhere! Schools were cancelled, but adults still had to go to work, darn! I cancelled the Energy Healers meeting due to snow tonight~ we will not meet again until January! Tomorrow is the Entrepreneur Club, so I hope we don't have to cancel that! We all look forward to it so much, and we always get some real brainstorming and masterminding done at the EC! It builds our businesses, and gives us marketing ideas to keep us moving forward! Speaking of moving forward, this month is my Birthday month, and I am glad I am getting younger! Living Younger Longer is my way of life, and I have been enriched by this modus operandi so much that I am grateful for every single, special day~ which is every day...
Tonight I recorded LIVE the podcasts: "Prescriptions for Health" and "Living Younger Longer & Having Energy" and these can be reviewed & downloaded anytime at Talkshoe.com or right here on my blog. Both are under the general heading of HEALTH. They are short, 15-20 min episodes~ each one is different, with it's own subject, all to bring you much needed information that you can use to keep yourself & your loved ones Healthy & Living Younger Longer! My goal is to keep it simple & easy so that anyone can feel the best they have ever felt & be the best they have ever been!!!

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