Sunday, December 16, 2007

Red Nativity Concert

Last night was the Red Nativity Concert by Brule & AIRO (American Indian Rock Opera). My daughter and I went together and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! They played at the Pikes Peak Center, which is also the same place I saw them last! I am totally in love with Moses, the drummer, and have been ever since the first time I laid eyes on him! My daughter likes Shane pretty well- he is the guitarist. I love drumming myself, but you should see the way Moses drums...WOW! Check out:, especially:
It also was a great opportunity to tell my daughter a true story, that I don't think she ever heard before. That is the story of my first Native American Love, Leonard when I was just 15. I have always remembered him, and I keep the Medicine Bag that he gave me close to me all the time. Even when lightening struck my house and burned the top story, that Medicine Bag went with me to a temporary apartment, and then back home after my house was rebuilt. I have never known the whereabouts of Leonard since my teenage years, however, I am sure he is remembering me, as I remember him~ With Love, the best medicine of all!

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