Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday at the clinic~ this is no park!

Saturday, Dec 1~ my first day at the Mission Medical Clinic as a paid person! I have been volunteering, but now I have a new position: Medical Clinic Administrator. This seems like it will be a handful! Yes, I also have my businesses, classes, seminars, etc~ then there is my writing, speaking, studying, networking & entrepreneuring! And Christmas is coming! SOON! Another balancing & juggling act~ I have done so many, it makes me dizzy just thinking about it! The motto at MMC is "Healing in the Name of Jesus" I think I can do anything in HIS Name! My Life's Cycles motto is "Healing the Cycles of Your Life" WOW~ what Cycles! I think I will put it together like this: "Healing the Cycles of Your Life in the Name of Jesus" AND the building I am intending to be the healing center is: Every Home for Christ, so Every Healing for Christ sounds just right!

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