Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Glorious Day!

What a simply glorious day! The sky was clear blue, & the evening sky was star studded! I enjoyed some time with patients in my office~ energy healing with music, technology, sacred geometry, light, and LOVE! I was on a really great Entrepreneur Club Slipper Series call for Bizzy people, planned a lunch EC for next week & talked with some really great people. If only every day could be as great! To top it off, my son is home for the holidays today, my aunt stopped in and treated us both to dinner, then we had a hot tub under the stars and moon~ AHHHH! I almost forgot my podcasts! Luckily, Prescriptions for Health & Living Younger Longer & Having Energy are short 15 minute podcasts, easily done and easily downloaded for people to listen to at their convenience~ tonight's podcasts were about the Holidays of course! Tune in anytime!

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