Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lucky Full Moon & Mars too!

A very important moment is here today on December 23, when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. I call this the luckiest day of the year~ an annual event we all love and always look forward to. Any Full Moon is a powerhouse of revelation and enlightenment, but it can also represent a tug of war with dear ones or colleagues. Send out your prayers and thoughts to humanity in need of upliftment. The Moon conjunction with the red planet adds an extra note of inflammation and volatility in many areas of life. In addition, we are only a day away from an intense Sun-Mars polarity that clocks in tomorrow morning.
If skies are clear in your area on Sunday night, Dec. 23, you'll be able to partake in a rather unusual sight as this full moon appears to glide very closely above the planet Mars.
Mars, which made its closest approach to the Earth on Dec. 18, will be only hours from a Christmas Eve opposition with the sun and is now shining prominently with a bright yellow-orange glow. You can actually see the moon occult (hide) Mars for a short time as the pair sits low above the east-northeast horizon.
A similar encounter in 2003 created a great photo opportunity.
Two full moons?
It is rather ironic that Mars and this full moon will appear side-by-side, considering that several months ago, an internet hoax regarding Mars and the moon unfortunately received wide circulation. This e-mail message duped countless people into believing that there would be "two full moons" shining side by side in the sky, implying that Mars would seem to loom as large as the moon itself. As preposterous as this hyperbole sounded, many nonetheless made elaborate plans to be outside on the appointed night, fully expecting to see Mars swollen to an incredibly large size. Of course, it was not to be.
From Joe Rao, Skywatching Columnist
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