Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Moon for New Year

I was caught in a traffic jam on Hwy 83 today, so many firetrucks and police- even the hazmat and swat team was there, the power was out, no traffic lights, etc. I was thinking it must be something big- then later I found out there was a shooting at New Life Church- it's on all the news. This church is literally up the hwy from us! This shooting may be related to the one in Denver yesterday. Two tragedies in two days- too much! Keep praying...
We had Intenders tonight, which is always special, but this night is extra-special for a reason:
Tonight is the New Moon, the best time to make intentions. This new moon is the time to look ahead to the new year and make our intentions for 2008.
My intentions: That I may attract & allow abundance into my life! That I may attract & allow my soulmate to me!That I may attract & allow unconditional love to be infused in all of my relationships! That I am a mighty manifester! That all is well! That 2008 is my best year ever!

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