Sunday, December 2, 2007

Intending with Drumming

Today was fantastic! I watched a movie on DVD with my daughter that made us both cry~ Georgia Rules. Then I went out to the woods to Sue Miller's house for Intenders, Jasper Koenig (Jasper Drums) brought 13 drums that he made to have a drumming circle after Intenders Circle. Was it awesome! I really miss drumming, I used to play Native American Drums, and have healing drum circles~ tonight, these were African drums, handmade by Jasper! He even named each one! I thought I was the only one who did that... of course, I only have one to name. The energy tonight was great, the company was perfect, the setting was ideal! The vibrations from the drums actually raise your body's vibration & elevate your spirit, as well! The healing energy was so much the same as Native American drumming, & we all felt it on a higher dimension! Everyone left happy & energized! That's what it's all about!!! Check out:

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