Friday, November 16, 2007

Fabulous Fall Day

Today was a Fabulous Fall Day! Bright sunshine, crisp, clean air, blue skies, a hint of the snow coming soon...
I wished I could spend all day outside- but, no~ I had some inside work to do! My weekly Youngevity Private Group Call was especially important today because is now launched! A great company, Drink ACT is now part of an even greater company, Youngevity! Now, a Healthy Energy Drink to rival the unhealthy ones (ie: Red Bull, Monster, etc), ACT stands for Advanced Cell Therapy and builds up the body, instead of tearing it down like the "other" energy drinks. What is also just as exciting and energizing is the excellent compensation plan for this company~ get on board if you are serious about really being rich physically, as well as fiscally! also has lots of info ~ call: 866 BIOEMED if you have any questions on Living Younger Longer, or email ~ I would love to hear from YOU!

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