Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Moon Tomorrow~ New Ideas

A new Scorpio moon on the horizon... get ready! This is the time of year that we are at harvest, and being so grateful for all we have. I am grateful that we haven't had a big snowstorm yet, in fact the weather has been kind and especially beautiful for this late in fall. The new moon signals new times coming, make new plans and get new ideas- this is the time that we are brilliant! Grab your thinking partners and get together- two or more are better than one! Mastermind groups are big! Ning groups are also becoming big- this is short for Networking- on the net. I belong to several nings~ Entrepreneurs Club (of course!), Spiritual Entrepreneurs (Namaste), Gutzy Women (you bet!) and Talkshoe (yes!). I may join more~ where two or more are joined together... You know the rest! Get to masterminding your nings!

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