Thursday, November 1, 2007

A FEW Good Women

FEW is an organization of a few good women! Actually it is Federally Employed Women, but some of us are not federally employed- and they don't hold it against us. We also used to have FWP, Federal Women Program, but I understand there is no interest in such frivolous things as women's equality, justice, rights, etc- even though it is a mandated and legislated program. It is sad, where have all the women gone? What about NOW? National Organization of Women- just where have they gone? Last I heard, even this organization was being backlashed. Anyway, we had a nice meeting tonight with a great speaker, Dr Cody Horton- the famous hypnotist, author and public speaker from Denver. She also has her own radio show, The Dr Cody Show on Saturday morning! She has awesome ideas on consciously creating wealth (the name of one of her books) as well as consciously creating anything you want- being courageous and stepping out of fear to be the woman you REALLY are! Women are Wonderful! Yes, WE are! Check out

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