Thursday, November 29, 2007

Podcasting & Entrepreneuring

Tuesday: Podcasts on Talkshoe~
1.) Prescriptions for Health, Basic Good things YOU can do easily & effortlessly for optimum health!
CALL: 1 724 444 7444 Talkshoe ID~ 56612#
2.) Living Younger Longer & Having Energy! Much needed information that YOU can use to keep yourself & your loved ones Healthy & Living Younger Longer!
CALL: 1 724 444 7444 Talkshoe ID~ 75682#
My goal is to keep it simple (KISS) & easy so that anyone can feel the best they have ever felt & be the best they have ever been!

Wednesday: Entrepreneur Club Meeting at Mountain Perks Coffee Shop in Colorado Springs~ discussing groundbreaking information on the new ECO's (Entrepreneur Club Owners) of which I am one! NEW times and places, NEW people & faces, NEW venues & spaces! Patti Serrano & I looked at some today! Growing and Changing, ever-expanding to the International Entrepreneur Club! Stay tuned for more info~ remember, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! This is OUR field of Dreams & Intentions, literally our FUTURE! This is OUR TIME!

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