Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meditation, Relaxation and Energy Healing

Tonight I hosted the meditation circle that I started this year for the purpose of bringing more light into the world~ Ladies of the Light. This is a unique enlightened meditation experience, which is a powerful opportunity for all of us to add to the light of the world, as true Lightworkers! "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly" (GK Chesterton) Then, we also had Colorado Springs Energy Healers in my office. This circle of energy healers is listed on the internet on meetup.com. Tonight we experimented with new energy healing techniques, and also some old, tried and true ones. We had a Heal the Healers session with Reiki, hands on and hands off, as well as using sacred geometry, pyramid energy, dowsing, and even more! We really played with the great energy available~ FUN! Then, to cap off a fabulous night, I hosted my weekly Podcast, Prescriptions for Health on Meditation & Relaxation for Optimum Health, Wealth & Happiness! This is on the internet on Talkshoe.com Call:724 444 7444, Talkcast ID: 56612

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