Friday, November 30, 2007

A Very Fulfilling Day

I ALMOST got a Hot tub! At least the electrician, SPARKY (what a wonderful name for a wonderful man!) came to scope out the hot tub area for the electrical! It is too cold to deliver it today~ this is a long held intention, almost fulfilled! Then, I had some GREAT people for patients today! Fabulous! It is a Friend's Birthday and I called her today! I made some other wonderful connections~ One long ago, far away friend I reconnected with today, then I had tea in a Fantastic Tea House (Bona Dea), which is right down the street from my office!!! I Love Tea, and I think I AM In Love~ either with the Tea house or the Man!!! Probably the Man... What a Man! (and I am NOT talking about the electrician) Everyone thinks this man is hot, but I never thought about him like that~ until NOW! I don't have time to be in love, or even think about it~ I am building something BIG! I met with Patti Serrano, of The Entrepreneur Club Fame (Famous Lady) ~ I have been facilitating meetings of the EC for her whenever she is unable to do this~ Now I AM an Entrepreneur Club Owner (ECO)! WOW! I am humbled and awed at the same time! You know, like AWESOME! (My favorite word) Anyway, I will consider the love thing... I have been intending for My Soulmate for SO LONG that I really did actually GIVE UP! I know there is love out there somewhere for me, but NOW??? When I least expect it? When I am not even looking for it? When I am too busy for it? When I am not ready for it? When I gave up on intending it? Weird! We sure do live in a strange world... but overall~ a very fulfilling day!

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