Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Networking & Live it up!

Yes, more networking! I attended the HNA lunch, then went over to Pikes Peak Workforce- a great place for anyone looking for a job, better career, or just to learn about resume writing, starting your own business, entrepreneuring, computers- practically anything! After that, The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours held at the Business of Art Center (one great venue!) Lots of Business to Business networking going on there!! To top off the evening, I attended the Colorado Springs PA Meeting, where I saw old friends of many years and I got to catch up on what is going on in their lives- we had not one, but two speakers- Dr Pagel on Sleep Medicine (Yes, there really is the specialty of sleep now, and mostly thanks to Dr Pagel- he is really the pioneer in this new frontier of medicine) and Dr Marciniak on Bipolar Disorder, otherwise known as Manic Depressive- he is a psychiatrist who has an interest in Bipolar. (Most Bipolar is misdiagnosed- this is not new, we have known this for some years, the drug companies sure make alot of money on misdiagnosis, however.) Moving on... I have a full schedule tomorrow too! What does this have to do with Living Younger Longer? Do what you love and you will grow younger everyday! My old friends say that I still look the same~ & I have known some of them for over 30 years! Now, I know they are being kind, but what if??? What if I still look the same after all that time because I love what I do? I also, by the way, love who I am! The secret is out! Live it up!

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