Monday, November 12, 2007


Tonight, Lisa Moore and I attended an open forum at Celebration (my office complex) where Tony Mills, DO from England was the speaker. It was great! He is a geopathic/electromagnetic stress consultant, and does space clearing and healing. He did a harmonizing demonstration using his dowsing rods with all of us. He also had some harmonizing devices available for sale which he originated & invented. These neutralize the geopathic stress in the earth, as well as EMF which are everywhere, but especially in cordless and cell phones, cell towers, electric wires, etc. These devices can be placed on the cell phone, to decrease EMF and also can be worn on a necklace for personal use. He also has some for the home. This is one great way for us ALL to Harmonize! I also like healing, meditation, prayer, unconditional love, etc for creating Harmony in our world! Just being a good friend and a good person, then radiating this good EMF to others is wonderful! For more info on devices- See:

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