Sunday, November 25, 2007

Intenders & NDE (Near Death Experience) Circles

Tonight was the Intenders Circle, and then NDE (Near Death Experience) Circle. We discussed Gratitude alot tonight. The Intenders was all about Gratitude, Intentions, and how we Invision a perfect world for us all. We had several great Meditations too! The NDE Circle was about the true near death and OBE (Out of Body Experiences) which are more commonly experienced. We heard true stories of a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and also true stories of a domestic violence survivor, both of which, not only are here to tell their own stories, but also are here to help others, and to tell those stories as well. These are some real life heroines! We need to hear these true stories to keep the faith that all is well in our world, the media (and others) cannot make us afraid anymore, and we are moving onward & upward out of the past, into the present, then forward into the future- which is golden!

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